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Yesterday was actually quite a hectic and fun-filled day, so I made sure to dress for the occasion. I was sort of going for a laid-back-d...

Yesterday was actually quite a hectic and fun-filled day, so I made sure to dress for the occasion. I was sort of going for a laid-back-don't-really-care sort of look with this outfit. Which I hope I achieved. :)

T-Shirt: Forever 21; High-waisted Shorts: Bershka; Jacket: Forever 21; Lace Tights: Forever 21; High Tops: Converse; Cross Ring: Forever 21; Other Ring: Avon; Thrive Baller Bracelet: Spruce; Thread Bracelets: Made by me! :); Owl Necklace: Gift from my friend

Sorry for the out of focused photo, but I just have to highlight how much I love these high-waisted shorts from Bershka!! They are one of my comfiest shorts ever and I got them at a ridiculously cheap price, from €20 to €5 on sale!! Now that's what I call a bargain! :)

Once again, due to the ever unpredictable weather here, wearing shorts with tights are a given. But instead of pairing these shorts with boring black ones, I decided to wear these lace tights from Forever 21. I feel they add a feminine touch to (what I think) is a sort of masculine outfit. I absolutely love this flowery pattern!! 

I didn't want to pile on too many accessories so I just wore my cross ring and my ring from Avon. I'm actually more attracted to silver jewellery than gold, so you will mostly see my in silver and maybe some occasional gold ones as well. I just find silver jewellery better suits my style and I think they're easier on the eye. 

I purchased this baller bracelet while on my holidays in the Philippines. Not only is it a pretty piece of accessory but it is also for a good cause. Proceeds made from these bracelets is actually in aid of CDO (Cagayan de Oro) Breast Cancer Awareness Advocacy. The more reason as to why I had to get this!

I finished off my jewellery with this rustic owl necklace which my from got from Greece a few years ago. It has always been in my closet and is one of my favourite necklaces to wear as it is so versatile and easy to wear. 

And to finish off my outfit, I wore my bright pink high-tops from Converse. Which was a perfect choice as we did a lot of walking today and they kept my feet comfy all day long. Funny story about these shoes are the fact that my dad bought these shoes for me in half a size too big. So my already large feet look even larger, but who cares! I am forever going to be in love with these shoes! 

I had my military inspired jacket from Forever 21 just in case it rained during the day, and guess what, it did!! Hahaha! :) Good thing I thought ahead or else I would have been soaked in the rain. 

And that's it for the outfit post! I hope you guys liked it and don't forget to comment or give me feedback! 

Until Whenever,
Mariz xoxo

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